Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I told you I'll be back

Sorry for the lack of posts! I can't believe the last one was in March... there was still snow on the ground! But now that I have a little bit of time on hands, I'm back to taking some pictures of my outfits.

Denim Shirt - Gap
Skirt - Madewell 1937
Tights - Spanx
Belt - J.Crew
Shoes - Sam Edelman

By the way... I am in LOVE with these Sam Edelman shoes.  I had been eyeing for months but didn't feel comfortable paying $150 for them.  Just as I was about to give them, I found them at Marshalls!!!   I bought these zebra ones for half the price!  I came back the next day and the shoes were on clearance! So I bought the leopard ones :)  I can't resist an awesome pair of shoes at such a great deal.

Monday, March 1, 2010

September's Greatness

Sorry for the lack of posts!  Last week was crazy!  I was being pulled every which way.  But two great things happened to me.  First, I met Grace Coddington!!!! For those of you living under a rock, she is the creative director of Vogue, now popular thanks to the movie September Issue.  Well Barnes and Noble hosted a discussion session to promote the release of the DVD.  And who else showed up? Andre Leon Talley!!! Yes, the big man on campus  (and by I mean big, I mean the Statue of Liberty has nothing on this guy) - looking fabulous of course.  So of course I bought the dvd, which I got signed (yay!!!)  Despite the horrendous weather it was an awesome day - thanks Elizabeth!

On another note - I bought one of the greatest sweatershirt, jacket fusion.  Behold the Nom De Plume YaYa Moto Jacket!  It's so fantastic I want, nay, NEED another one!  I hope to be posting outfit pictures soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I wanted to at least spend a few minutes with the sunshine.  So what did u do? Go shopping of course!  That's one of the perks of NYC.  If the weather doesn't make you want to curl up with a blanket and a hot chocolate, at least you can stroll with a purpose - strolling from one store to another.  Yet to my surprise I didn't find many items I was head-over-heels for (my criteria for any purpose since I have very limited closet space now :/)  But I did find two things I absolutely love! First a lucite neckace from H&M.  I was hesitant at frist because I didn't want it look cheap but the colors and geometry just adds that perfect modern touch to my favorite basics.  Second, shorts that look like skirts!  It's such an amazing idea I'm so glad I found another one - I already have a pair.  And in trendy dainty flowers I can't wait to wear them with a lace leotard!

I'm not looking forward to the rain this week.  I seem to always fall apart.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Football playing flower child

You guys will soon come to realize how much I love IKEA.  And since I don't live near an IKEA store or in an IKEA (how awesome would that be!) I visit the website every chance I get.  So when I stumbled upon is amazing floral bedspread I couldn't help but imagine a bedroom designed around this one piece.  A dose of bohemian, a touch of modern and a dash of masculinity = completely effortless!

p.s.  I also love Urban Outfitters... is it obvious? 

From left to right:
Curtains - Ikea
Bedspread - Ikea
Coat rack - Urban Outfitters
Rug - Urban Outfitters
Pillow - Urban Outfitters
Suitcases - CB2
Vase - Urban Outfitters
Vase - Urban Outfitters
Pillow - Urban Outfitters

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Take a bow

It is safe to assume that us girls always look hot in anything borrowed from the boys.  Blazers, tweed pants, button-downs, even their jeans!  So to my giddyness and that of my friends, bow ties are in!  Seen in splashy hues and bold prints, the necks of fashionistas have never been more playful.  Wear it with gingham for a little kitshiness or complete your "I look hot in my boyfriend's clothes" ensemble.  Here are some girls that have inspired me to raid my dad's closet for my next must-have accessory!

Photos curiosity of Chictopia

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let the games begin!

So its finally fashion week!  Since I moved to the city I've participated in every fashion week from dressing the models to front of house to PR prep work.  Because of my new internship this is the first fashion week that I will be enjoying from the outside.  But now I get to pay more attention to every show thanks to the ever-loved Style.com :)  So, in respect of my new found perspective I will be posting my favorite shows and looks of the day.  I hope everyone enjoys fashion week and become full with inspiration!

BCBG Max Azria


Layers!  Who doesn't look forward to fall because of all the layers they can wear?  Even though I despise the cold, I think it's the best part of the season.  Max's combination of neutrals looks so refreshing and the fluid pieces remind me of the wind blowing through the trees.  Wait a minute... am I actually going to miss the winter?

Lyn Devon

Color!  What a breath of fresh air to see bright colors for the fall fashion week.  Lyn Devon geniusly incorporating head-to-toe colorful ensembles with ones that add just the right dose to black and white.  These looks are so chic, who wouldn't want to wear them?